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Your supplier for high quality beadable products - Beadpens, Letter Openers, Key Chains, Utensils and Wine Stoppers

Four new all stainless steel wine stoppers now available!
Click on the images below for more information on how
to make your own customized beadable wine stopper

All new stainless steel utensils
Knives, Forks, Spoons & Serving Spoons
Click on the images below for more information on how
to make your own beadable utensils

Style A Beadable Wine Stopper

Style D Beadable Wine Stopper

Stainless Steel Beadable Knife and Fork

Stainless Steel Beadable Serving Spoon & Spoon


Fountain Pens, Key Chains, Letter Beads, Letter Openers, Drawer Pulls and Premier Display Cases Also Available

Wine Stoppers
Fountain Pens
Metal  Bead Pens
17 Designer Colors
3/32" Rod Fits
Most Lampwork Beads
Replaceable Ink Cartridges
Wholesale & Retail

Velvet Pouches
Letter Openers
Premier Display Cases
Letter Bead
Pre-made Beadpens

The Bead Pen is distributed by the BeadPen Group, St. Louis, MO.  The BeadPen Group guarantees the quality and workmanship for each of our products.  If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please return for refund or replacement.

Key Chains
Burgundy Red, Pink, Silver
Pea Green, Purple, Copper

Silver Plated 9mm
Letter Beads

Precision crafted specifically
for the Beadpen

The Bead Pen is an innovative concept to display the craftsmanship of beads and lampwork creations.  Delighting all genders and ages, this distinctive writing instrument encourages close interpretation of the artist's work through multiple sensory pleasures. Holders of the BeadPen will gaze in wonder time and again at the first display medium that can't go untouched.  Whether it be the proud approval of a contract, a grocery list written in style, or a teacher who gleams with recognition, the BeadPen delivers limitless possibilities to showcase your unique talents. This distinguished keepsake is available in metallic and non-metallic finishes and a variety of contemporary colors.

Inspiration . . .
the foundation of creativity

Lampwork Beadpens by: Corina Tettinger

Lampwork letter opener by: Nanette Young-Greiner


Premier Display Cases for Fountain Pens, Bead Pens & Letter Openers Now Available

The BeadPen is protected by several US patents. 
US Patent No.: 6,612,766 B2

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